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For most people, their home is the single, most valuable asset they own, so deciding to sell, should provide them with the opportunity to maximise the capital return on their original investment. Selling your home can often be an emotional affair, signifying the closing of one chapter in your life and the beginning of another.

Whether you have lived for a long or short time in a property, the likelihood is that it has been adapted to meet your circumstances and functional needs, it might also be showing signs of wear and tear. Houses also have the habit of accumulating superfluous clutter, any of these factors can adversely effect the appeal of a property with potential buyer’s.

At Impressions London, we believe every property has the potential to impress, we are skilled at identifying where this potential exists and how to quickly bring it to life, using our creativity, styling, craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail, we can optimise a property’s appeal and increase its sales value.

We offer clients a free consultation, where we will visit your property and discuss with you where the best possibilities exist to enhance the internal or external appeal of the property.

On request, we will provide an outline cost estimate for your consideration, highlighting the simple, quick steps which can be taken to optimise the appeal and sales value of your home prior to engaging an estate agent.

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