Realise the development potential of your new home

Having recently purchased a property you are probably keen to stamp your own style and personality on your new home. The likelihood is the decor you inherited and the utilisation of the living space does not necessarily meet your needs and requirements.

At Impressions London, we offer our ‘home staging’ and decorating services to new home owners to help you create the living space you aspire too. We can provide interior design schemes to suit your budget and existing possessions, quickly bringing to life the environment and lifestyle you desire.

No matter what decorative state the property you bought, we believe we can transform it to suit your needs, add value and impress friends and family.

We are skilled at identifying where this potential exists and how to quickly bring it to life, using our creativity, styling, craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail, we can optimise a property’s appeal and increase it’s residual value.

We offer new home owners a free consultation, were we will visit your property and discuss with you where the best possibilities exist to enhance the internal or external appeal of the property.

On request, we will provide an outline cost estimate for your consideration, highlighting the simple, quick steps, which can be taken to optimise the living space and realise it’s development potential.

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